This is a list of all powers displayed by mermaids. This includes gifts exclusive to certain mermaids like June's connection to aquatic fauna and Venus's telekinesis but also the abilities that all mermaids possess.

Enhanced StrengthEdit


Diana flinging Mallick

Enhanced Strength is a power currently possessed by Diana.

Diana is the only mermaid to exhibit this power; the ability to lift heavy objects like people with ease. Diana used this power multiple times like throwing Mallick across the room, breaking into Earl's office and lifting a gold filled chest easily.

Mermaids Who Have Displayed this Power:

Enhanced SensesEdit

Some mermaids may be able to touch, taste, smell and hear better than any normal human. Diana is the only mermaid who has shown this ability, primarily the sense of smell. Diana is able to smell the scent of dead fish miles away. All humans smell bad to her, something most humans cannot detect unless and wasn't acknowledged by her sisters.

Mermaids who have displayed this ability:

  • Diana

Communication with Sea CreaturesEdit

June and fish

June attracts a school of fish.

June is the only mermaid to exhibit this power. This power allows the user to talk to any aquatic animal such as seals, dolphins and fish. Sea creatures also act friendly towards mermaids with this power.

June could calm a frightened sea lion and give it an injection which it feared. Fish were drawn to her and stared at her through their tank glass.

Mermaids Who Have Displayed this Power:

Siren SongEdit


Venus using her siren powers.

This power is currently used by Venus.

Venus is the only mermaid to exhibit this power, it is only accessed presumably by Sirens. It allows the user to hypnotize men into obeying their every command. This power manifests as a glowing aura around the user and they communicate through telepathy. Like the sirens of myth, mermaids with this gift may be able to access this power by singing.

Venus used this when hypnotizing a guard into letting her and her sisters to break into Mallick's were house and manipulating a police officer into letting Diana out of jail. Women and men who are aware of the a mermaid's status as a siren are immune to her power.

Mermaids Who have Displayed this Power:

Tide ManipulationEdit

It was mentioned by June that her father could control and manipulate the tides. The exact extent of this power was never shown.

Mermaids who posses this power:

  • The father of June, Diana and Venus

Sonic ScreamEdit


The power to create a sonic shriek that can shatter glass miles away and it send a cop to his/her knees in pain. Mermaids do not suffer any pain from this scream as Venus just relished in the effectiveness of her sister's scream. It is possible that all mermaids have this ability but only June and Diana have displayed this power.

Mermaids who have displayed this power:

Wish GrantingEdit

If a mortal meets a mermaid, the mermaid is bound by magic to grant the mortal any wish he/she desires, no matter how evil the wish is. If the mermaid ignores the request, the more the desire to fulfil it consumes her/him.

Mermaids Who Have Displayed this Power:

  • All mermaids have this ability

Mermaid/Human TransformationEdit

Tumblr m1zh65L5tx1qetk8mo1 500

A mermaid is able to grow legs when he/she is dry, but if exposed to water will grow a long, blue tail. At low tide, wet or not, a mermaid's tail will appear and she/he will be able to get her/his legs back at high tide. It is possible that the legs only have to be exposed to water in order for the tail to appear because June is seen sticking her hand in water at the marine park. Mermaids absorb anything that hinders the transformation like trousers, socks and shoes. They reappear when their tails become legs.

Mermaids Who Have Displayed this Power:

  • All mermaids have this ability

Underwater BreathingEdit

Since mermaids are part fish, they are able to breathe underwater, allowing them to live in oceans without even needing to come to the surface. It is also stated that mermaids have the ability to give humans this ability via physical contact. Mermaids Who Have Displayed this Ability:

  • All mermaids have this ability

Object of Power WieldingEdit

Every merperson is born with an Object of Power, a birthright that has distinct abilities. Each individual mermaid has the knowledge and ability to use the object such as June is possibly the only mermaid that can use her mirror and Diana may be the only mermaid that can activate the trident's strength.

Mermaids Who Have Displayed this Ability:

  • All mermaids have this ability

Eternal Youth and LongevityEdit

Betty 3

Betty after becoming a mermaid again

It is possible that mermaids posses eternal youth. This ability is shown when Betty gets her object of power back and becomes a young and beautiful woman.

Mermaids also posses long lifespans and live longer than any human. Though they can live for centuries, they do, eventually face natural death.

Mermaids Who Have Displayed this Ability:

  • All mermaids may have this ability



Venus is the only mermaid to exhibit this power, it allows the user to manipulate the movement of objects like causing them to rise. Venus used this power to lift the heavy treasure chest out of a pile of rocks.

Mermaids Who have Displayed this Power:

  • Venus
  • Other mermaids may posses this ability.

Trivia Edit

  • The legs when dry and tail when wet feature was most likely inspired by the 1984 mermaid film Splash.

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